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EAT|SEE|HEAR - When Harry Met Sally

“It is so nice when you can sit with someone and not have to talk.”

Does sex make it impossible for men and women to be true friends? This romantic comedy chronicles this dilemma through the eleven year relationship between Harry and Sally, who meet in college, then pursue their own lives until they reconnect ten years later.

TIME: Doors 5:30, Music 7:00, Movie 8:30

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The Sandlot

“You’re killin’ me, Smalls”

Scotty Smalls is the new kid in town and all he wants is to make friends before summer. The towns best baseball player Benny “The Jet” Rodriquez takes him under his wing. During the summer Scotty Smalls get The Sandlot boys into a huge pickle when he hits a baseball signed by Babe Ruth into the Beast’s backyard no-one has ever gone over the fence for fear of being eaten. When Benny has a dream about Babe Ruth telling him to go over the fence to get the ball he over comes his fears and defeats the Beast.

TIME: Doors 5:30, Music 7:00, Movie 8:30

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